Lister to reveal its new Thunder sports car in February

(January 31, 2018) LONDON — British specialist sports car maker Lister will next month reveal the fastest, most powerful and luxurious car it has ever built in the legendary Cambridgeshire marque’s 65-year history, with the launch of the Lister Thunder. The Thunder will be unveiled at Historic Motorsport International, staged at London’s ExCeL, from Feb. 15-18, where full details of the new limited-production Lister supercar will be revealed.

To whet the appetite of all true petrol heads, Lister can reveal that the aptly-named Thunder will have a top speed in excess of 200 mph, with a blistering 0-62 mph acceleration in just over three seconds, and a storming 666 horsepower.

Potential Lister Thunder buyers will need to be just as quick off the mark, as just 99 examples of this desirable new model will be built, with prices starting at £139,950 ($197,330).

Founded by businessman and racer Brian Lister 65-years ago, Cambridge-based Lister has always had strong competition ties to Jaguar. Its iconic Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’ sports car — an aluminum bodied racer powered by a Le Mans-winning Jaguar D-type 3.4-liter, straight-six engine — enjoyed notable track successes when raced by Stirling Moss, among others, in the late 1950s.

More recently, the Lister Storm, first launched 25 years ago in road car form, used Jaguar V12 power to win the FIA World GT Championship in 2000.

Harking back to this illustrious racing heritage, the eagerly-anticipated Thunder will follow the proud 65-year-long Lister tradition of sports cars based around the superb mechanicals of Jaguar’s finest performance models, with the acclaimed Jaguar F-type providing the all-new Thunder’s base.

While the full specification for the Lister Thunder will remain secret until its London reveal, Lister can confirm that power from the showroom model’s supercharged 5.0-liter V8 has been carefully tuned by Lister’s expert engineers.

The Thunder’s bespoke coachwork enhancements have been carefully overseen by Lister’s CEO and owner Lawrence Whittaker and have been produced to standards that match or exceed original equipment. The carbon fibre front bumper is custom made, with an extended splitter giving greater down force. Lister vents adorn the bonnet and stylish Lister decals fit neatly on the side panels of the car, with the grille centre, decals and calipers exactly matching the interior combination.

The rear bumper is also bespoke featuring a carbon fibre design, which houses the enlarged rear Lister carbon exhaust tips that give a thundery note when pressed. A solid brass Lister badge adorns the rear spoiler, chromed for the best effect. At the front, a beautifully enameled green and yellow racing Lister badge sits perfectly in the front grille. A carbon fibre bonnet will be available as an option, with a retro-fit carbon fibre kit also to be offered exclusively by Lister for existing Jaguar F-Type models from £19,950.

The Lister’s custom interior is finished in the UK’s most expensive Bridge of Weir Nappa hide, and is available in 36 colors. Lister logos are stitched into the headrests and the seat pattern echo’s the car’s grille. The dashboard, door cards, roof lining and steering wheel are all hand stitched in matching Nappa leather, with the seats, dashboard and roof lining all hand finished with a contrast stitching to match the accents of the exterior.