Lexus 'December to Remember' — Moments behind the iconic big red bow

(November 21, 2023) PLANO, Texas  — This year Lexus’ annual “December to Remember” campaign goes beyond the iconic big red bow, focusing on the magic and thoughtful moments at the heart of the holiday season. In the campaign that debuted Monday, Lexus will feature two new heartwarming broadcast commercials, “Overnight Lexus” and “Sled Dogs” as well as a unique holiday-themed collaboration with TikTok content creator @sebastianjern and a dramatic digital activation on Sphere in Las Vegas featuring the all-new 2024 Lexus GX.

“The focus of this year’s ‘December to Remember’ campaign is to intentionally celebrate the special moments that can’t be wrapped – from thoughtful surprises to making memories with loved ones,” said Vinay Shahani, vice president Lexus marketing. “We’re amplifying the spirit of the season year-round through curated marketing efforts and purposeful partnerships.”

Lexus adds two all-new commercials to its “December to Remember” campaign, highlighting thoughtful surprises and the magic of the season.

In “Sled Dogs,” audiences are introduced to the all-new 2024 Lexus GX as it effortlessly travels down the road on snow-covered terrain. A woman sits confidently behind the wheel, while a Siberian Husky secured in the second-row stares ahead, seemingly barking orders. With the help of her furry companion, the driver navigates the GX to a secluded off-road area to find the dog’s owner and four-legged friends working on their broken sled. Grateful to be reunited, they drive off warm and cozy in the GX.

“Overnight Lexus” opens in a boy’s bedroom as his father sits bedside, reading him a familiar tale about magic beans that grow overnight. Upon seeing his son is asleep, Dad turns off the light and exits the room. As the door closes, the boy sneaks out to the family’s front yard to pack a toy Lexus under the snow in hopes the story is true. The next morning, the boy wakes excited to find a brand-new, full-size 2024 Lexus TX wrapped in a giant red bow, calling for Dad and Mom in wonderment at the surprise.

In addition to the two spots, Lexus also brings back its popular 2022 “December to Remember” commercial, “Time Machine,” featuring a heartwarming holiday family reunion storyline.

All three broadcast spots will air on cable, primetime, late night and sports programming now through Jan. 2.