Honda Accord gets best possible crash safety score

(November 12, 2010) TORRANCE, Calif. — The 2011 Honda Accord sedan has earned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA's) best-possible Overall Vehicle Score of five stars, Honda announced on Thursday.

Helping the Accord achieve the top score were five-star ratings for overall frontal crash safety, overall side crash safety and rollover resistance.

The Accord is one of only six vehicles to achieve a five-star Overall Vehicle Score to date, and is the first to achieve five stars in each of the three ratings categories: 5-star frontal crash rating, 5-star side crash rating (combined results of side barrier and side pole) and 5-star rollover rating.

The newly introduced Overall Vehicle Score is part of the federal government's more stringent New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) that is first being applied to 2011 models. As a convenience to new car shoppers, the Overall Vehicle Score represents the combined results of the overall ratings from the frontal crash tests, the side crash tests and the rollover-resistance into a single, summary score between one and five stars.

Revised for 2011, the frontal crash safety test incorporates a crash dummy representative of a small-size female in the front passenger's seat and, as before, an average-size male crash dummy in the driver's seat.

The side-crash safety evaluations continue to include the side-barrier test used previously where a moving barrier strikes a stationary vehicle at an angle. However, a new side-pole test has been added where a moving vehicle strikes a stationary pole barrier. Ratings are provided for both of the individual seating positions in the side-barrier crash safety test, as well as a combined rating for both positions, while the side-pole rating is based on a test of the frontal seating position only.

The front seating position side barrier crash safety test result also is combined with the side-pole crash safety test result for a front seat side impact rating, with the results of all of the tests combined into an overall side-crash safety rating.

The side-barrier crash test now implements a combination of male and female crash test dummies, with the male positioned in a front seating position (as before) and the small female (new) in a rear seating position. The newly introduced side-pole crash test exclusively uses the small female crash dummy in a front seating position.