Ford, Chrysler show big sales gains in September

(October 1, 2010) Domestic automakers Ford and Chrysler showed big sales gains in September as the U.S. automotive market rebounded from an August slump.

Every car maker with the exception of Suzuki showed an increase, most in double digits, from September 2009.

Ford Motor Company posted a 40 percent increase and Chrysler improved by a whopping 61 percent. Ford's nine-month sales are up 19 percent over 2009 with 1,469,262 vehicles sold. Only General Motors has sold more cars in the U.S. in 2010. Chrysler is up 15 percent for the year with sales of 820,220.

GM's September performance was not as impressive, up 11 percent over September 2009. GM is up 6 percent for the year.

Of the Asian manufacturers, the Hyundai Group showed the biggest gain, up 44 percent from last September and up 17 percent for the year. Honda was up 26 percent month over month and is up 3 percent in 2010. Nissan continues to perform well, up 34 percent in September and 16 percent for the year.

Toyota, which has slipped to third in U.S. sales behind GM and Ford, was up 17 percent in September, but is up just 1 percent for the year.

Mazda was up 31 percent in September and is up 9 percent in 2010. Mitsubishi was up 5 percent for the month, but is down 3 percent for the year.

Subaru continued its sales success in September, up 47 percent. The company is up 22 percent for the year. Suzuki, on the other hand, continues its disappointing performance, down 12 percent in September. Suzuki is now down 49 percent year over year.

European automakers continued to do well. Volkswagen showed a 14 percent September gain and it is up 21 percent for the year. Daimler was up 18 percent in September and is up 15 percent for the year. BMW was up 21 percent in September. For the year sales are up 7 percent.

Overall, the U.S. market gained 28 percent from September 2009 and is up 10 percent for the first nine months of 2010.