Cenntro Automotive launches production of all-electric Citelec line

(October 25, 2014) SPARKS, Nev. — Cenntro Automotive, a Nevada-based manufacturer of all-electric vehicles, has announced the start of production of the Citelec, all electric light commercial utility vehicle, in its Nevada facility.

Cenntro Automotive added the Citelec to its product portfolio in the acquisition of Brant Motors (Lyon, France). The acquisition, valued at $50 million, included the all-electric utility vehicle, the Citelec, which has been sold in Europe since 2013. 

The Citelec offers a unique solution to customers offering a range of up to 200 miles on a single charge, a payload of 1,400 pounds and a top speed of 50 mph.

Cenntro's US Manufacturing site is in Sparks, Nev., where both the Citelec and Kombi EV are produced.  "Our 80,000 square foot facility opened in the third quarter and we have been pleased with our ability to quickly set up our manufacturing facility, find local talent that underscores commitment to quality and bring the Citelec to the United States," said Marianne McInerney, Executive Vice President.

"The Citelec launch in the US will fulfill an important void in the US market — an affordable, versatile vehicle that can meet varying needs of multiple customer bases at an affordable price point," said McInerney.  "The Citelec platform can support local delivery needs with its spacious van box, and is available in nine configurations ranging from the van box, to a refrigerated unit to three flatbed configurations." 

The Citelec is expected to retail in the US for under $20,000 for a base unit initially, and Cenntro has already moved forward with demo programs for U.S. fleets.

"Under the direction of our U.S. VP of Operations and Human Relations, Kevin Neal, we are confident that we can ramp our production as we move through 2015 and introduce multiple lines," continued McInerney.  "Kevin's experience running diverse operations from the World's Largest Wholly Owned Apparel VF Corporation to giant Smithfield/Farmland foods and his most recent experience with Smith Electric Vehicles position our Nevada facility to deliver the high quality that US customers demand."

"I'm excited and inspired by Cenntro's Board and Executive Team commitment to bring the Citelec and Kombi innovations and entrepreneur driven solutions to the U.S. market," noted Neal. "I'm looking forward to building upon the success and accelerated momentum of Cenntro's real world empowerment of its clients and the clean environmental impact that will be achieved in the US Marketplace."

About Cenntro Automotive Corporation

Cenntro Automotive Corporation designs and manufacturers electric commercial vehicles. Based in the United States with operations in France. Cenntro Automotive aims to become a global industry leader in production of highly efficient electric vehicles that reach 200+ MPGe. Cenntro Automotive's product line-up includes the versatile Citelec and the KOMBI EV, both zero-emissions lightweight electric commercial vehicles that offer smart choices for maintenance, delivery and light cargo transport, and can be used in a variety of environments including parks, farms, resorts, campuses, industrial facilities, airports and more.