BMW Motorrad presents the ConnectedRide Com U1 communications system

(June 27, 2022) WOODCLIFF LAAKE, N.J . — Talk to your passenger or group members while riding, listen to your favorite music together, make phone calls or follow the announcements of the navigation system — the new BMW Motorrad communication system ConnectedRide Com U1 offers all this via Bluetooth or Mesh 2.0 technology.

The new ConnectedRide Com U1 features a modern, universally compatible design and can be attached to a variety of helmets. Impressive audio performance and excellent comfort are delivered by the HD-quality speakers, which are very easy to fit into a helmet. The ConnectedRide Com U1 is equipped with an FM radio that allows up to ten radio stations to be saved. Channel search is at the touch of a button or alternatively via the free “Com U1” app.

The system will be available starting in July at an MSRP of $375.

The entire operation of the ConnectedRide Com U1 is carried out via four buttons or alternatively via the app, which also offers access to the setting options. Various functions can be activated by voice control, depending on the operating mode. If the mobile phone is connected directly to the communication system, convenient access to digital voice assistants is available, thereby enabling voice input.

The quick-charge time is one hour. In addition, the quick-charge function enables operating times of 3.5 hours (Mesh Intercom) or 6 hours (Bluetooth Intercom) after only 20 minutes of charging.

The Bluetooth intercom is ideal for communication between 2 participants and features a range of up to 1.25 miles in open terrain. The Mesh intercom is optimal for communications of groups with more than 2 participants. Range when using the Mesh intercom is up to 1.25 miles in open terrain but can be expanded up to 5 miles when at least 6 riders are connected and who are at least 1.0 mile away from each other. For optimum range in Mesh mode, the unit is equipped with an antenna that can be conveniently folded in and out.

There are two options for communication via Mesh:

Group Mesh Intercom: Creation of private, closed groups for Mesh communication with up to 24 participants.

    •    Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom: The multi-channel protocol in Open Mesh enables switching between nine communication channels. Anyone on the same channel can talk to the group – this option supports an almost unlimited number of riders as long as they are within range. Every participant can listen in.

At the touch of a button, users can switch between private Group Mesh and Open Mesh without having to reset Mesh first.

The Universal Intercom function can also be used to establish a call connection to a person using a headset made by another manufacturer. This can lead to restrictions in the range, however. Communication via Mesh with communication systems made by manufacturers other than Sena or BMW Motorrad is not possible. Neither is it possible to integrate external communication systems in group communication via a Bluetooth bridge.