November 2021

BMW Motorrad presents 'The Great Getaway'

(November 30, 2021) WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J.  — Experience the beauty of nature for eight days on the "Big Boxer" R 18 family of Heritage motorcycles, enjoy the freedom of endless expanses, immerse yourself in the urban jungle, sometimes discover the unexpected and leave the stress of everyday life behind. In "The Great Getaway," BMW Motorrad will be offering the perfectly organized travel format for a perfect time-out, arranged and carried out by BMW Motorrad partner Elephant Moto.

Price of oil tumbles on COVID news — Will pump prices follow?

(November 30, 2021) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Crude oil prices initially tumbled more than $10 to $68 a barrel on Friday after news of the Omicron COVID-19 variant broke. Meanwhile, consumers caught a little break as the national average price for a gallon of gas dropped to $3.39, down a penny since last week.

No leftovers on the lot — Edmunds suggests shoppers factory order

(November 29, 2021) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Car shoppers can't expect to see the same lot-clearing discounts or options they would in a normal holiday season. "Black Friday and the end of the year are typically opportunities for consumers to find deals on new cars, when dealerships are eager to sell leftover inventory. That isn't the case this year due to ongoing issues created by the global chip shortage," said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds' executive director of insights.

Toyota, BMW most shopped mainstream, luxury brands

(November 29, 2021) IRVINE, Calif. — Toyota continued its three-year streak as the most-shopped non-luxury automotive brand in America, while Hyundai made the biggest gains in the Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Report for Q3 2021. On the luxury side, BMW retained its position as most-shopped luxury brand, but with Lexus hot on its heels and luxury car shopping slumping to a new low. Electric vehicle shopping rose to a new high.

2022 Infiniti QX60 Autograph — Sumptuous crossover has New Age vibe

By Jim Prueter

(November 28, 2021) Sedona, Arizona, is tailor-made for a travel brochure — a picturesque small town surrounded with stunning red rock buttes, mesas, and canyons with bright colorful foliage in the fall. It’s a perfect destination for test driving the all-new-for-2022 Infiniti QX60. First introduced for the 2013, the second-generation of the QX60 is long overdue. The three-row mid-size SUV has been dramatically redesigned both inside and out.

Mini refreshed for 2022, but still very much a Mini

Photos by Paul Borden

By Paul Borden

(November 27, 2021) Just as the word “dated” began to appear in reviews of the iconic Mini in recent years, the 2022 Mini Cooper Convertible arrives refreshed and updated but still with the sassy attitude that has been an integral part of its DNA for just over six decades.

2022 Mercedes EQS 580 — A new and impeccably luxurious EV

By Jim Prueter

(November 24, 2021) There’s an old saying that if you’re late to the party you better be the best dressed. Criticized for taking too long to embrace electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has just introduced its new all-electric flagship the EQS and it’s the fanciest, most luxurious EV ever. That’s years after competitors like Tesla S, Porsche Taycan, Jaguar iPace and Audi e-tron were introduced.

Will falling oil prices bring relief at the pump?

(November 23, 2021) WASHINGTON, D.C. — After stubbornly staying above $80 a barrel since Labor Day, the price of crude oil tumbled this week into the mid-$70s. Fears of slowing economic activity in the U.S. and Europe due to a resurgence of COVID-19, along with reports that the Biden Administration is calling for a simultaneous release of stockpiled oil by large oil-consuming nations, including the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea, is putting downward pressure on crude prices. The national average price for a gallon of gas is $3.40, down a penny since last week.

2022 Infiniti QX55 Sensory — More than stunningly good looks

By Jim Prueter

(November 21, 2021) Infiniti, the luxury brand of Nissan products, has introduced a new crossover utility vehicle: the QX55. For those who think the QX55 is the sloped-roof offspring of the QX50 compact crossover, well, you would be partially correct. With a striking exterior design that features a bulging hood, swooping roofline and sharply styled rear end and LED piano key taillamps, the boldly sculpted QX55 borrows styling cues from the mid-sized Infiniti FX model that first appeared for the 2003 model year and continued until it bid farewell in 2013.

Only 32% of Americans to drive because of Thanksgiving gas prices

(November 20, 2021) While the economy may be bouncing back, Thanksgiving travel is not. GasBuddy has revealed in its 2021 Annual Thanksgiving Travel Survey that 32% of Americans plan to travel for Thanksgiving this year, a decline from 35% last year that compares to some 65% that planned to hit the road for Thanksgiving 2019.