April 2020

Only 12 states carry gas price average of more than $2 a gallon

(April 28, 2020) As gas prices continue to push cheaper across the country, only a dozen states carry an average of $2/gallon or more. Today’s national average is $1.77, which is four cents less than last week, 28 cents cheaper than last month and $1.11 less than a year ago, according to weekly statistics by AAA.Only 12 states carry gas price average of more than $2 a gallon.

Top 10 things you didn't know about Mercedes-AMG

(April 27, 2020) Fifty-three years ago, three letters came together to become synonymous with the ultimate in Driving Performance. Those letters are AMG, and the company it represents today is world-renowned for supreme automotive performance, exclusivity and highly dynamic driving pleasure. Although its strong reputation inspires admiration and desire among many, AMG has a storied history full of surprises, lesser-known innovations and superlative, exclusive sports cars.

Used car values expected to decline due to COVID-19 crisis

(April 27, 2020) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Used car values are expected to decline as the coronavirus crisis continues to take its toll on the U.S. economy, according to new research released from the car shopping experts at Edmunds. Edmunds analysts say that a sudden halt in demand for vehicles combined with economic uncertainty will lead to an initial knee-jerk drop in used values, based on historical precedent. In 2008, 3-year-old vehicles lost nearly 10% in value, whereas the year before they declined less than 5% in value.

Genesis G90 gets undated look, more standard features for 2020

By Paul Borden

(April 26, 2020) Even though it is only about 3 years old, the Genesis G90 gets a new look for 2020 plus a redesigned 12.3-inch display monitor that incorporates touchscreen controls and more standard features befitting what the company calls its flagship model sedan.

Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge — The sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built

By Jim Prueter

(April 25, 2020) Unlike mainstream automakers with a plethora of new models released every year, a new Rolls-Royce doesn’t come along very often. Enter the Dawn, a gorgeous new four-seat convertible introduced a couple model years ago that is undeniably the most sensual, captivating and immersive luxury car experiences available.

Study finds nearly half of UK public transport users now less likely to use it

(April 23, 2020) LONDON — According to the latest consumer research by Auto Trader, the United Kingdom’s largest marketplace for new and used cars, nearly half (48%) of UK public transport users said they would be less likely to use it once the current restrictions have been lifted. "Transport distancing" was even more of a concern for younger consumers, with 66% of 18-24-year-olds claiming they’d be less likely to use it.

Fascinating spring messengers — Mini Convertible Sidewalk, cherry blossoms

(April 22, 2020) BONN, Germany — Nature is not familiar with the concept of lockdown. Even this year, the start of the cherry blossom season is once again an absolutely clear sign that spring has come — and more than ever it is the symbol of anticipation for times to come when magic moments can be celebrated together and in the open air. The new Mini Convertible Sidewalk is also a very special spring messenger.

Realty check — Consumer sentiment of future mobility technologies declines

(April 22, 2020) Consumer confidence in future mobility technologies lags far behind automakers’ plans to bring self-driving and battery-electric vehicles to the marketplace, according to the J.D. Power 2020 Q1 Mobility Confidence Index Study fueled by SurveyMonkey Audience, released Tuesday.

Six states see lowest gas prices in over a decade

(April 21, 2020) BOSTON — GasBuddy reports that six states have surpassed their lowest average gas prices in over a decade, while five of those states are seeing the lowest prices since the early 2000’s. In the case of Wisconsin, gas prices haven’t been this low in 6,621 days. 
Examining millions of fuel transactions from the company’s Pay with GasBuddy program, gasoline demand plummeted in the first quarter as Americans across the country were ordered to stay home in light of COVID-19.

You may argue its 'coupe' designation, but the 2020 AMG CLA35 is stunning

By Paul Borden

(April 17, 2020) It is a widely accepted idea that an automotive coupe is a two-door vehicle that can seat two or four people (including the driver) or, if among close friends, three in the backseat. But that concept has been challenged in recent years with the introduction of “four-door coupes” that feature sleeker styling than the typical sedan and other coupe-like touches.