Parallel panic — UK drivers name their least favorite parking maneuver

Škoda research reveals parallel
parking least favorite maneuver

(May 24, 2023)  Drivers in the United Kingdom have revealed their parking fears and failures, as Škoda UK uncovers parallel parking as motorists’ least favorite parking maneuver. The research by Škoda UK found that British drivers are least fond of parallel parking, receiving a thumbs down from 43% of respondents. It was followed by reverse-in bay parking (21%) and front-on bay parking (14%) as the nation’s least favorite parking maneuvers.

The data highlights just how difficult some drivers in the UK find parking, as 73% of those questioned said they’d actually given up parking in one space because they’d found it too difficult, preferring to move on and try their luck elsewhere. Only 4% of motorists said they have never struggled to park.

Škoda UK’s research shows just how valuable parking assistance systems are to drivers, with 55% of respondents saying they are a must-have when searching for their next new car. Such features are most sought after by those in the 25-34 age range.

Those questioned were also asked which parking aids individuals most value, and 68% said rear parking sensors were crucial. A reversing camera is the next priority for new car buyers, followed by front parking sensors in third.

The research also showed that 33% of drivers had damaged a wheel or tire while trying to park, for example by scratching an alloy wheel against the curb or ripping the sidewall of the tire. Drivers in the South East are most likely to have caused such damage, with 40% of those questioned in the region admitting to doing so. Somewhat surprisingly, it is London motorists who have curb-crunched the least, with 38% of those in the Capital saying they had never damaged their car while parking.

Furthermore, the data revealed that almost a quarter (23%) of UK drivers had bumped into another vehicle while trying to park. Those based in the South East had the most bumps, with 34% of individuals in the region holding their hands up, while those in the North East are least likely, with a huge 84% saying they hadn’t hit another car while parking. The data also shows it is men who are most likely to bump into another vehicle, with 24% saying they’d done so in the past.