AutoGravity launches car financing app in California

(December 14, 2016) IRVINE, Calif. — AutoGravity, a FinTech pioneer on a mission to transform car financing by harnessing the power of the smartphone, has unveiled a mobile app with personalized tools that lets consumers in California finance any new car in four easy steps.

Based here, AutoGravity was founded by an international team of digital natives and industry veterans seeking to meet the growing demand for a smartphone-based car-financing experience.

The company serves a growing generation of digital-first car buyers by empowering them to use the technology of their choice to make their car shopping and financing decisions.

“AutoGravity changes the game by giving car shoppers direct access to up to four great financing offers right on their smartphones, anytime and anywhere they want. Approved customers arrive at the dealership confident and ready to close the deal.” said Andy Hinrichs, AutoGravity’s founder and CEO.

“Our industry-leading technology has been embraced by leading banks and dealer groups – trusted partners that help us make the digital car buying and financing process as enjoyable as driving a new car off the lot.”

With its unique digital platform, AutoGravity allows car shoppers to select any new car, find a dealership that sells that car, apply for financing and then select from up to four resulting finance offers in minutes. The user then takes their chosen offer to the dealership and completes the process of leasing or purchasing the vehicle they selected.
Available on iOS, Android and as a mobile-responsive web app, the AutoGravity platform is available to download nationwide.

Vehicle financing is currently exclusive to California car buyers with plans underway to expand across the nation in the near future.

The highly-streamlined process is made possible through AutoGravity’s technical expertise, partnerships with the world’s most prominent lenders and a proprietary database of trusted dealerships. Designed with state-of-the-art security, the AutoGravity app protects consumers’ information by using advanced bank-level encryption and proprietary data security technologies, ensuring sensitive information is processed in a safe and secure way.

“Our team of digital innovators has spent countless hours planning, designing, testing, configuring and perfecting every aspect of the AutoGravity experience,” said Hinrichs. “At the same time, our team works closely with leading lenders and dealerships to ensure a seamless process for the customers we share. We are thrilled that AutoGravity’s work has culminated in an application that brings financing back down to Earth.”

About AutoGravity

AutoGravity is a FinTech pioneer on a mission to transform car financing by harnessing the power of the smartphone. AutoGravity partners with the world’s leading banks and financial services companies to give consumers direct control over how they finance their cars.