AAA School Safety Patrol celebrates 95 years of student safety

(August 25, 2015) WASHINGTON — Since 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol Program has been instrumental in helping students get to and from school safely. As the program marks its 95th anniversary, patrollers across North America and in 30 countries will take their post for another school year, wearing their familiar 'Lectric Lime belt or vest.

"The AAA School Safety Patrol Program relies on student volunteers to assist their classmates at crossings, carpool areas and bus loading and unloading zones," said AAA Traffic Safety Advocacy Project Manager Rhonda Shah.

"Patrollers receive comprehensive training in the fundamentals of traffic safety, working, in many cases, with local law enforcement. They do not direct traffic, but they help students understand when it is safe to enter roadways," Shah said.

The largest safety program in the world, the AAA School Safety Patrol Program has 635,000 Patrollers in 33,500 schools nationwide. The program has been praised by education and safety groups around the world for reducing injuries and fatalities among school children ages 5 to 14. In 1949, AAA established the AAA Lifesaving Medal to recognize Patrollers who saved a life in the course of duty. To date, 411 Patrollers have received this award.

According to Shah, the program also helps students develop leadership skills and encourages academic achievement and commitment to community involvement. "Patrollers learn the importance of teamwork and develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility," she said. "Their duties earn respect and recognition from peers, school administrators and community leaders."

The AAA School Safety Patrol Program was a starting point for many of the nation's leaders. Numerous Patrol alumni chose a career path in government, law enforcement or community service — crediting the influence of their Patroller experience. Former AAA School Safety Patrol members include Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, as well as several Supreme Court Justices, U.S. Senators, Governors and astronauts. A list of Patrol alumni can be found here.

Schools interested in beginning or expanding a AAA School Safety Patrol Program can find more information by clicking here.