Big time capitalism is alive and well in some areas of China

(June 2, 2010) Pictures from a lavish wedding in Shanxi province in the northern part of the People's Republic of China have been circulating thanks to publication on, a Chinese web site. One of the poorer provinces in the country, it has great coal reserves and this wedding was financed by coal money.    

What interests us is the unbelievable array of vehicles used in the ceremony — perhaps unprecedented in the world. Vehicles included but were not limited to six Jeeps, four Ferraris, four Rolls Royce Phantoms, six Mercedes, six Bentleys, 20 Audi A8s, one Hummer, several Lamborghinis and several Porsche Cayennes.

Jeep Wranglers carrying photographers lead the procession

Rolls Royce Phantoms at one of the rallying points

Twenty Audi A8s W12 Quattro move down the street 

Ferraris line up to await the start of the procession

A pearl white Bentley leads a couple of black Bentleys