Abandoned Car of the Week

The basic Corvette

This shell of a 60s-something Corvette was spotted in a grove of trees outside San Diego. Perhaps someone had plans for it that never materialized. And we figure it might still be resurrected into a useful commodity. (Photo by Jim Meachen)

Growing old in the weeds

This 1963 Ford Galaxie was discovered rusting away in the North Carolina weeds among other discarded equipment. The first generation of the Galaxie was produced from 1959 through 1964 with minor mechanical changes each year, but with noticeable styling updates. The '63 was arguably the best looking of the group. 1963 production for all Galaxie styles and engine sizes (V-6 and V-8) totaled 679,652. Horsepower ranged from 85 with the smallest V-6 to 425 with the largest V-8.
  (Photo by Ralph Gable)

A post-war Chevy truck in retirement

This 1949-50 Chevrolet work truck has been stored away, it's useful life long ended. This style Chevy came with several straight six engine configurations in three-quarter ton format and commanded new-vehicle prices ranging from $1,060 to $1,435. The Chevrolet truck was restyled in 1947, the first all-new truck since before World War II. (Photo by Ralph Gable)

Ready for summer

This vintage 1972-73 Volvo 1800ES "coupe station wagon" appears abandoned but ready for action outfitted for summer fun in the middle of winter with a boat and tricycle secured to the top. This style of the sporty 1800 Volvo was produced for only two years reaching showrooms in 1971 as a 1972 model. The rear seat could be folded down to create a long, flat loading area. Only 8,700 copies of the 1800ES were built.
(Photo by Jeffrey Ross)