Mercedes moves quickly ahead with new 2006 M-Class

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

We liked the original Mercedes M-class sport utility vehicle.

It performed as a luxury mid-sized SUV was expected to perform with decent though not brilliant performance in its base V-6 engine and satisfying power from its V-8 option. Decent on-road manners and a modicum of off-road prowess seemed about right for an upscale vehicle that seldom left the pavement. And maybe best of all for the suburban crowd, it had a car-like ride.

Mercedes R-Class – luxury Grand Sport Touring

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

It was not many years ago when Mercedes-Benz sold only luxury sedans and sports cars, at least on U.S. soil.

Mercedes is still one of the world’s foremost builders of these vehicles for folks with higher disposal incomes than the vast majority of Americans.

More recently Mercedes has branched out becoming many things to many people — all still people of considerable means.

Mercedes S550 — sweet elegance and a tour de force

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

It was a 20-minute demonstration.

Astonishingly, it turned out to be enough to get us on the road with the radio tuned to our favorite satellite station and the climate control regulating the interior temperature at 72 degrees.

The guy who delivered the Mercedes-Benz S550 was very thorough considering he was interrupted several times with our questions.

Mercedes-Benz E350 – comforting in many ways

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

There is a reason the E-Class sedan is annually one of Mercedes-Benz’s best selling nameplates. The E-Class is the comfort food of automobiles.

A quick 60-mile trip to the airport and an equally furious trip back home were accomplished in the quiet comfort of a 2007 E350. The car was unobtrusive with its steady performance, outstanding braking and point-and-shoot steering and performed its tasks with an impeccable demeanor.

Mercedes C-Class is turning heads and delivering entry level luxury

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

If and when you purchase automotive entry-level luxury north of $30,000 you would expect your car to have a luxury persona from the way it looks inside and out and from the way it drives and performs.

Mercedes GLK — Really the "Mercedes-Benz" of small luxury crossovers

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Mercedes-Benz has brought its class act to the compact luxury crossover segment. The German automaker is late to the party, but its entry — the 2010 GLK350 — is enticing from styling to build quality to abundant features, and that’s good.