2011 Jaguar XJ

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — In what the Jaguar team calls a “city takeover” the new XJ is literally plastered all over Los Angeles with five-hundred billboards and wrapping every pillar at LAX

Jaguar XJ — rivals the Lexus LS 430

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

It was perhaps an uncanny coincidence that the all-new aluminum-bodied Jaguar XJ8 we were testing carried almost the same price as a Lexus LS430 we drove just a few weeks before.

Both sold for about $68,000.

Jaguar joins the smart wagon crowd

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Station wagon-like vehicles are fashionable again, especially among the high-dollar crowd.

Jaguar XK convertible – be still our heart

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

The luxury convertible segment is small. But its members are all superb renditions of modern automotive technology. All are high-dollar vehicles that give their owners status as well as immense driving pleasure.

Jaguar’s XK8 — which ceased production in June 2005 — is still a beautiful example of a luxury droptop. It’s sleek. It’s powerful. It’s gorgeous. It’s loaded with good stuff.

Jaguar XJR – an elegant sedan with sports car credentials

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Jaguar still makes exciting automobiles, curvaceous cats that leap under the power of 400-horsepower engines with hushed interiors that are lavished with rich leather and real wood.

Jaguars these days, however, are mostly worshiped from afar. They still turn heads, draw admiring glances and elicit conversation. But Jaguars do not bring prospective buyers into the showroom at a profitable pace.

Jaguar XF – raising the luxury bar

By Ted Biederman and Jim Meachen

Slide into the plush driver’s seat of the all-new Jaguar XF sedan and push the pulsating red starter button. Magical things occur.

A large gear selector knob rises from a flush position in the center console. It's called the JaguarDrive Selector. As you marvel at this bit of trickery, you notice that hidden air vents for the climate control system are rotating into an open position.

Jaguar XF — The definition of premium class

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

The Jaguar XF, introduced as a 2009 model, has become one of our favorite mid-sized luxury sports sedans. And to make things even more delicious for 2010, the gorgeous Jag comes in three flavors. Pick your engine size and options and discover the joy of driving a modern British luxury sedan. It doesn’t matter which direction you take, you will be the winner.

Here are the choices for 2010: