January 2016

Stone veneers — The next level of modern British luxury from Bentley

(January 4, 2016) CREWE, England — Bentley Motors’ coach-building division, Mulliner, is introducing the next level of modern British automotive luxury — stone veneers. This innovative interior finish utilizes state-of-the-art stone veneer technology to make a luxurious, contemporary feature of a natural product formed over 200 million years.

A round of Golfs

By Christopher A. Sawyer
The Virtual Driver

(January 3, 2015) Over the span of a few weeks three 2016 model Volkswagen Golfs made their way into the parking lot for one week each. First up was the two-door GTI SE, which was followed by the four-door Golf S, and the SportWagen S. Personally, I expected the GTI and SportWagen to act as intriguing bookends to a so-so center, but what I discovered is that even the least exciting Golf model (on paper) holds its own in this company.

Victory introduces Combustion Concept in New York

(January 2, 2016) Victory has made no secret about the fact it will soon introduce a production motorcycle featuring a high performance 1200cc, 60 degree v-twin with four-valve heads. Victory began promoting this motorcycle by racing a concept up Pikes Peak a few months ago. Next, Victory showed the Ignition Concept developed by a European builder.

Now, we have the “Combustion” from American designer Zach Ness, which again incorporates the engine destined for “stellar performance in the 1200cc muscle bike class,” according to Victory. 

General Motors China introduces employee carpooling pilot program

(January 2, 2016) SHANGHAI — General Motors China has introduced a carpooling pilot program for employees based in Shanghai that enables them to arrange rides together using a self-developed mobile app.

This is one of GM’s recent moves worldwide to gain a better understanding of urban mobility issues and insights into car-sharing user experiences. The mobile app will enable about 700 employees at GM China’s Shanghai headquarters to share an enjoyable ride with their colleagues while making an effort to reduce emissions and congestion.

Grading papers Land Rover style

By Christopher A. Sawyer
The Virtual Driver

(January 1, 2016) Land Rover suggests this is an amazing feat for its Range Rover SUV, but it is more an example of the the brilliance of the architectural arch and of the ancient Romans for recognizing its importance in making strong, lightweight bridges.