Volkswagen showing new European Passat plug-in hybrid at Paris show

(September 29, 2014) PARIS — The new European edition of the Volkswagen Passat will be unveiled at the Paris auto show in the form of a new plug-in hybrid, which in this case means the combination of a turbocharged direct injection gas engine with an electric motor.

The eighth generation Passat is currently being launched in Europe.

Thanks to a lithium-ion battery, the Passat GTE can cover a distance of up to 31 miles in all-electric mode and thus with zero emissions. At the press of a button next to the gear lever, the driver can also control the all-electric mode ("E-Mode") at will — for example, at the end of a drive when the destination is in a city.

A contrast to the "E-Mode" is offered by the mode "GTE," which is also accessible at the press of a button. In this mode, the Passat delivers a maximum system output of 214 horsepower; a wide variety of parameters such as the accelerator pedal and steering are also configured in a sportier way in this mode.

The 1.4-litre TSI engine develops 154 horsepower at 5,000 rpm; the electric motor produces 83 horsepower. The maximum torque of the plug-in hybrid drive system is 295 pound-feet.

The hybrid sedan accelerates to 62 mph in less than 8.0 seconds and achieves a top speed of more than 136 mph.

The Passat GTE will be launched in the second half of next year — both as a sedan and an wagon. With the market launch of the plug-in hybrid, a total of nine drive versions, covering a power range from 124 to 203 horsepower, will be available for the European version of the Passat. All versions meet the EU 6 emissions standard.

The Passat GTE also constitutes an integral part of the strategy for electric mobility at Volkswagen. After the XL1, e-up!, e-Golf and Golf GTE, the Passat GTE is the fifth, or sixth model (sedan and wagon) that can be operated by electric motor with zero emissions.

The Passat GTE is an independent equipment line. On the one hand, its standard equipment includes many features also available in other models of the range, either as an option or without extra charge, depending on the equipment version: LED headlights, Driver Alert System, Automatic Post-Collision Braking system, Front Assist including City Emergency Braking function, rain sensor and ParkPilot. On the other hand, as a high-tech flagship, the Passat GTE features several unique elements and equipment upgrades which distinguish it from the rest of the range.

In the upper section of the front end, the Passat GTE can be recognized by a specific chrome radiator grille unit with additional blue line. The front bumper was also redesigned, with distinctive cross panels in the lower air inlet and C-shaped LED daytime running lights.

The "C"-shaped LED daytime running light and the blue line in the radiator grille unit are stylistic devices purposefully deployed by Design: blue is the Volkswagen "e-mobility color" and in conjunction with the C-shaped daytime running light, it constitutes an identifying feature of all Volkswagen's electric and plug-in hybrid models. When viewed from the side, 17-inch "Astana" alloy wheels identify the Passat GTE as a plug-in hybrid.