New, improved adaptive headlight designed for motorcycles

(February 14, 2018) GERMANTOWN, Wis. — J.W. Speaker Corporation, a leading manufacturer in LED lighting technology, has launched an improved adaptive headlight for the motorcycle aftermarket called the Adaptive 2 Series. These new LED headlights address a longstanding safety problem for motorcycles by lighting up dark areas when a rider is cornering.

Since launching the world's first dynamically Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight in June 2016, J.W. Speaker has improved its adaptive technology to utilize the high beam in conjunction with the low beam. This improvement provides ditch-to-ditch lighting and a punch of light 1,500 feet down the road, eliminating dark corners on sharp turns and delivering a safer, more confident experience for the rider.

The Adaptive 2 Series uses on-board sensors to calculate angles on a real-time basis, automatically directing the light as the motorcycle leans. This additional illumination fills the dark areas that other headlights cannot when cornering to maximize the rider's visibility.

"There is no substitute for confidence and safety on a motorcycle. We have set a new standard for motorcycle lighting," said Kurt Kaufmann, Powersports sales manager of J.W. Speaker. "The Adaptive 2 Series LED headlights are built with the rider in mind. With adaptive technology, we offer a lighting system that gives riders the safety and confidence to ride at night."

With this advanced technology, J.W. Speaker has solved a visibility issue that current aftermarket and OEM motorcycle headlights are not able to address, delivering a technological breakthrough that dramatically improves rider comfort and safety. Additionally, the Adaptive 2 Series are offered at a reduced price, making the latest in lighting technology and safety more affordable!

To see this new series in action and to learn more about the Adaptive 2 Series visit J.W. Speaker's website: