Mazda reveals all-new Retail Evolution dealership design

(August 28, 2015) IRVINE, Calif. — Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) today announced its all-new dealership design, dubbed “Retail Evolution,” featuring an open concept floor plan that offers a new level of business transparency, and a look and feel enhanced through the use of natural materials that results in an even more upscale decor than the company’s current popular Retail Revolution design.

The first Retail Evolution dealership built from the ground up to this exacting standard will be Mazda of Everett in Seattle, Wash., which opened Thursday.

“Thanks to our KODO design philosophy and suite of SKYACTIV technologies, our vehicle lineup has never been stronger. We are now able to take that groundbreaking design language and translate it into our dealership experience,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president & CEO, MNAO.

“Retail Evolution embodies the spirit and direction of the Mazda brand, while offering an upscale experience our customers expect and deserve.”

Clad in premium black, clean white, and featuring new chrome Mazda signage, the new Retail Evolution Mazda dealerships will provide dealers with strong curb appeal. New materials throughout the building give dealers an upscale look and feel with warm raw-material tones of wood and metal in the showroom. Organized with excellent use of space, the new Retail Evolution facility will use more glass, allowing customers a transparent view into the dealership operations.

The recharged Mazda Lounge will provide customers with technology features such as multiple-device charging stations and access to free WiFi. Digital displays will provide continuous motion and reduce stale imagery as vehicle designs and models change with time.

“After working closely with Jerry McCann, the general manager and dealer principal of Mazda of Everett, we are thrilled to finally reveal this new Retail Evolution experience. I’m confident it will be well received by Jerry’s staff working in the store every day, as well as customers looking to purchase or lease a new or used Mazda,” O’Sullivan added.

Retail Evolution will feature three different tiers that are loosely based on the Retail Revolution model, which was introduced 12 years ago. Mazda will continue to work with its dealers to find the right tier for their specific needs.