Honda to begin production of CR-Z for Japanese market

(July 2009) We can only hope the space-age looking Honda CR-Z two-seat hybrid sports coupe will make it to the United States. Honda isn't saying at this point.

The Japanese automaker announced this week that the CR-Z would start reaching Japanese showrooms in February 2010. Honda also announced that a hybrid version of the sub-compact Fit would be ready for the Japanese market before the end of 2010.

Both vehicles will use Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid powertrain now used in the Insight sedan.

Shorthand for “Compact Renaissance Zero,” the CR-Z, according to a Honda press release, is a forward-thinking exercise in inspired design and environmental technology. The CR-Z draws its inspiration from a need to deliver spirited performance in an efficient manner, Honda says.

Perhaps the new two-seater can be seen as the modern embodiment of the CR-X sports coupe sold from 1983 through 1991.