Buick reaches 6 million cumulative sales in China

(February 10, 2015) SHANGHAI — Buick recently reached the 6 million sales milestone in China since its introduction by Shanghai GM more than 16 years ago. In the process, Buick affirmed its position as one of the fastest-growing passenger car brands in its largest market.

Shanghai GM began
offering vehicles from the brand after its first Buick sedan rolled off the production line in Shanghai on Dec. 17, 1998. In 2014, Shanghai GM sold a record 919,582 Buicks across China.

Eight Buick nameplates are currently available. They include premium and upper-medium passenger cars, MPVs and SUVs.

    • The original Excelle family was one of the 10 best-selling passenger cars in China in 2014, with sales of more than 293,000 units.

All-new Buick Excelle GT

    • The GL8 MPV, Buick’s second model built in China, has sold more than 600,000 units in 15 years.

    • The Encore has been the leader in the premium small SUV segment with sales of over 150,000 units in two years while the Envision has been the most popular mainstream SUV since its launch last year.

Buick vehicles are available through a nationwide network of more than 740 retailers. GM has gone online with the eService and iBuick app. It opened the Buick Aftersales Flagship Store on Tmall.com last year to enhance the ownership experience.

With its "global architectures, western technologies" strategy, Buick is focused on becoming an industry leader in handling, comfort, convenience and safety. Its models offer a range of technology such as SIDI engine technology, twin-scroll turbocharging, the CDC suspension system, FlexRide and intelligent all-terrain all-wheel drive. Intelligent connectivity technologies include IntelliLink and OnStar to make driving more enjoyable and secure.

Among the new and upgraded models that Buick will introduce in 2015 is the all-new Excelle GT, which is scheduled to reach the market in March. Buick will also introduce a number of efficient small-displacement Ecotec engines along with seven-speed DCG and six-speed DSS transmissions. Start/stop engine technology, which helps reduce fuel consumption, will come standard on new Buick models.

Besides enhancing the appeal of its products, Buick has also been focused on elevating its customer experience platforms such as the Buick S-Bend Challenge. It has likewise been engaged in corporate social responsibility activities such as the Route Awakening Buick China Culture Tour, the Beyond the Vision @ Buick Art Tour and the Buick Care Orange Ribbon charitable initiative.