BMW ends production of the M6 coupe, V-10 engine

(September 7, 2010) BMW has announced the end of production of the BMW M6 Coupé and the BMW M6 Convertible. The two high-performance models provide the most exclusive opportunity to experience on normal roads the hallmark athleticism of M vehicles combined with drive and chassis technology inspired by the world of motor racing.

In total 14,152 examples of these high-performance sports cars were built: 9,087 units of the Coupé, which launched in 2005; and 5,065 Convertible models, presented the following year.

With the departure of these two fascinating and exceptional athletes and the already discontinued fourth-generation BMW M5, production will now also cease for the unique V10 high-rev engine.

The company will offer a twin turbo V8 in its next generation M5 model. No word yet if this will be applied to a future M6.

According to BMW, 6,775 of the 14,152 copies were purchased in the United States.