Audi refreshes its logo

(September 3, 2009) Word from Germany is that Audi will introduce a new and modernized logo when the Volkswagen unit takes time to celebrate its upcoming 100th anniversary. It will be the first change since the current look was introduced in 1990.

The new logo will still feature the symbolic four interlocked rings but with a more contemporary dimensional look. The famous red Audi name that traditionally is featured with the rings will now have a simplified font adding to the design forward nature of the reworked logo.

According to a British publication, “Audi, marketing collateral will increasingly use simple light or white spaces and images to ‘complement the understated style for which the Audi range is famous'.”

Design agency MetaDesign Berlin created the new logo and Dutch typographer Paul van der Laan developed the new typeface.


                                   —  Ted Biederman