2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV offers new tactical technology

(April 6, 2021) DETROIT — GMC’s electric supertruck lineup expands with the addition of the 2024 Hummer EV SUV — and it is loaded with smart, purposeful technology. “GMC’s Hummer EV SUV offers an exceptional balance of on-road performance and off-road capability, enhanced by a unique structure that allows for our signature open-air experience,” said Al Oppenheiser, Hummer EV chief engineer. “New features debuting on the SUV reinforce its role as a tactical tool in almost any situation.”

New technologies include trail mapping available via the redesigned myGMC app, and a new available Power Station generator that enables customers to utilize up to 3 kilowatts of power from the vehicle, turning the Hummer EV SUV into a power source on the trail or a backup generator.

Hummer EV’s interdependent body/battery structure enables the Infinity Roof on the EV pickup as well as the SUV, and expected best-in-class off-road proportions help make the new SUV even more maneuverable — while making the most of the Hummer EV’s signature features such as available CrabWalk, available Extract Mode4 and more.

Additional highlights:

    •    Interdependent body/battery structure that supports a unique, double-stacked battery pack

    •    An available three-motor Ultium Drive system that delivers up to 830 horsepower and up to 11,500 lb-ft of torque — enough power for super-fast 0-60-mph sprints in approximately 3.5 seconds with available Watts To Freedom(based on GM estimates)

    •    New satellite-rendered trail mapping power allows drivers to discover and navigate off-road trails, while monitoring their vehicle’s energy consumption in real time, with community-based energy forecast through their myGMC app
    •    New available Power Station generator that enables 19.2kW AC charging, generator functionality (120v/25A/3kW) and ability to charge other EVs (240v/25A/6kW)

    •    Great degree of customization via buttons on the center stack, and nearly 200 accessories will be available for Hummer EV

    •    Master of maneuverability, with nearly 9-inch less wheelbase than Hummer EV Pickup, giving it expected best-in-class off-road proportions, with greater departure and breakover angles and a tighter turning circle of only 35.4 feet (10.8 meters) with 4 Wheel Steer

    •    An immersive experience that puts the driver at the center of every moment, including customizable user experience features and an open-air driving experience, with the standard Infinity Roof with removable Sky Panels and I-Bar

The Hummer EV SUV is driven by General Motors’ Ultium Platform and launches with the exclusive Edition 1 package, offered in Moonshot Green Matte available with or without the Extreme Off-Road Package, for greater customer choice in tailoring the vehicle for maximum driving efficiency or maximum off-road capability.

Master of maneuverability

With a nearly 9-inch shorter wheelbase than the Hummer EV Pickup, the all-new Hummer EV SUV offers even greater maneuverability, with expected best-in-class off-road proportions and a turning circle of only 35.4 feet (10.8 meters) with 4 Wheel Steer — smaller than a Mustang Mach-E.

Without the constraints of a conventional propulsion system and traditional drive axles, tremendous power and control is available to each wheel. In fact, the Ultium drive system can channel power to a single wheel, keeping the vehicle moving in some of the toughest driving conditions and terrain — including 13 inches of suspension travel, climbing 60 percent grades (forward and reverse), scaling 18-inch verticals and fording water more than 2 feet deep.

Standard features on 2X, 3X and Edition 1 models include 4 Wheel Steer with CrabWalk, which allows diagonal-drive functionality, as well as Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode4 and 22-inch wheels with 35-inch-OD Goodyear all-terrain tires.

As with the Hummer EV Pickup, the new SUV is built on a unique, interdependent body/battery structure that serves two crucial functions: It reinforces the overall structure for exceptional rigidity, while also protecting the double-stacked Ultium battery pack.

“The Hummer EV’s body protects the battery, while the battery supports the structure,” said Oppenheiser. “That means the battery pack itself is a structural element, which enables a truly open-air experience and a rare combination of extreme off-road capability and smooth on-road performance in a body-frame integral platform.”

A large, flat load floor incorporates a protective sheer panel sandwiched between the high-strength martensitic top and bottom layers, which help protect the battery. The strength and rigidity of the floor help reduce twisting and deformation, while also providing the stiffness required to enable the Hummer EV’s removable Sky Panels and I-Bar.

With GM’s unique ability to stack long pouch cells vertically or horizontally, the Hummer EV SUV is able to package its power in a relatively small space: available 20-module, double-stacked battery pack, consisting of two layers of 10 modules. It can deliver up to 830 horsepower and up to 11,500 lb-ft of torque and is capable of enabling 0-60 mph in approximately 3.5-seconds with available Watts To Freedom4 (GM estimates).  

The GMC Hummer EV will be available in SUV form, arriving in 2023, with the fully loaded Edition 1 model coming first. It's priced starting at $105,595.

Reservation details are available at www.gmc.com/HummerEV.