April 2020

U.S. gasoline demand plummets pushing national average to $1.92

(April 7, 2020) Today’s national gas price average is $1.92. That is nine cents cheaper than last Monday, 48 cents less than a month ago and 81 cents less expensive than a year ago. On the week, pump prices continued to push less expensive with gasoline demand registering at its lowest point since 1993.

The latest Energy Information Administration (EIA) weekly report puts demand at 6.7 million barrels a day — a nearly 30-year low — and it’s likely to push lower as Americans are urged to stay at home at least until the beginning of May.

Lexus LS 500h — Great looking, but quirky hybrid, fussy tech deal breaker

By Jim Prueter

(April 6, 2020) We last drove and reviewed Lexus’ flagship LS sedan when it was given a thorough redo for its fifth
-generation 2018 model year. Back then, it radiated style, substance and the presence of a dreadnought-class luxury sedan. It also went to great lengths offering every advanced high-tech feature known to man.

2020 Toyota Supra does the nameplate proud

By Russ Heaps
Clanging Bell

(April 5, 2020) I was about as close to giddy as a cantankerous old veteran car guy can get when I was handed the keys for the all-new 2020 Toyota Supra with which I would spend the following week. Having owned a 1979 Supra back when it was still called a Celica Supra, and then driving several examples of the A70 and A80 generations in the 1980s and 1990s, I was stoked to get behind the wheel of the latest A90 generation. I wasn't disappointed.

Why Nissan said no to a tablet display

(April 4, 2020) It's a trend that's been hard to miss lately: Many new cars have bulky, tablet-like screens smack in the middle of the dashboard. While these super-sized displays may grab attention at motor shows, carmakers working to create next-generation vehicles also have other things to consider as they attempt to balance design, technology and utility.

XT5 crossover SUV takes over for SRX as Cadillac's sales leader

By Paul Borden

(April 3, 2020) Since the SRX became Cadillac’s best-selling vehicle during its 13-year run, it isn’t surprising that its successor, the XT5 crossover SUV, would assume the same role, and it has. Though it has yet to match the sales popularity of the SRX, which hit a model sales high of 68,850 for 2015, the next-to-last year of production, the XT5 still outpaced every other Cadillac model with a reported 49,878 sold in the U.S. in 2019.

120-year anniversary of a name — Mercedes, the girl, and the brand

(April 3, 2020) 120 years ago, the name of an 11-year-old girl became the epitome of cars and the first luxury car brand in the world. On April 2, 1900, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft decided to call its automobiles Mercédès, after the daughter of Emil Jellinek. The Austrian businessman, who lived in Nice, traded in Daimler vehicles and registered them for racing events. The first vehicle with this melodious Spanish name — the Mercedes 35 PS — caused a sensation at the Nice race week as early as March 1901.

Average new-vehicle prices up nearly 3% year-over-year in march

(April 2, 2020) IRVINE, Calif. — The valuation analysts at Kelley Blue Book today reported the estimated average transaction price for a light vehicle in the United States was $37,736 in March. New-vehicle prices increased $972 (up 2.6%) from March 2019, while dropped $38 (down 0.1%) from last month.

AAA expects gas prices to continue dropping hitting $1.75 a gallon this month

(April 2, 2020) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has dropped below $2 for the first time in four years and AAA expects prices to continue pushing cheaper, with the national price average hitting $1.75 or less in April.

The decline is due to COVID-19’s chilling effect on the global economy and the crude oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Crude has plummeted to $20 na barrel — a closing price not seen since 2002. For the last 52 weeks, crude oil (West Texas Intermediate) has averaged $56 a barrel with the national pump price average at $2.63.

15 movies featuring Audi vehicles to watch while you social distance

(April 1, 2020) HERNDON, Va.  — Binge-watching is a common practice for people, even without a mandate for social distancing. And it is no secret to movie fans worldwide that Audi vehicles have made their fair share of appearances on the big screen.

Since the first Audi appeared in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" in 1982, nearly every Audi vehicle has spent time on the big screen – from rom-coms to action and thriller films to epic chase scenes. With all that extra time at home, Audi of America is sharing a list of 15 movies that feature one or more Audi vehicles to keep you and your loved ones entertained while you social distance.