April 2017

Subaru, Lexus, Ford take top honors in KBB Brand Image awards

(April 12, 2017) IRVINE, Calif. — The 2017 Brand Image Award winners, based on annual new-car buyer perception data, have been announced by Kelley Blue Book, kbb.com. The Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards recognize automakers' outstanding achievements in creating and maintaining brand attributes that capture the attention and enthusiasm of the new-vehicle buying public.

Distracted driving problem addressed by Smith System

(April 11, 2017) ARLINGTON, Texas — Distracted driving is deadly, on the rise, and preventable. Smith System, a leader in advanced driver training, has launched new e-learning, DVD and pay-per-view training content to help companies raise awareness and tackle this growing problem. 

"Driving Distracted" demonstrates how distractions can have catastrophic consequences by dramatically increasing the risk of collisions. Providing knowledge, skills and countermeasures, the presentation helps learners understand how to stay safe and protect the safety of others.

One-in-three U.S. drivers cannot pay for an unexpected car repair bill

(April 11, 2017) ORLANDO, Fla.— According to a new AAA survey, 64 million American drivers would not be able to pay for an unexpected vehicle repair without going into debt, indicating that some drivers may underestimate the full cost of owning and operating a vehicle.

Because some car repairs are unavoidable, and the average repair bill is between $500 and $600, AAA urges drivers to save at least $50 a month for unforeseen expenses, and identify a trusted repair facility before trouble strikes.

Tax credit cuts put mainstream electric vehicle market in jeopardy

(April 10, 2017) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — As companies such as Tesla and General Motors launch new electric vehicles (EVs) designed to attract the masses, a new report from Edmunds shows that without generous tax incentives, it will be challenging for either company to meet sales goals for these vehicles.

"With gas prices at a relative low and the popularity of SUVs and trucks hitting all-time highs, the EV market is at a crossroads," said Jessica Caldwell, executive director of industry analysis for Edmunds.

New York lawmakers debate allowing self-driving vehicles in state

(April 6, 2017) NEW YORK — Public highways in New York could soon be open to testing self-driving cars according to a measure in the budget New York State lawmakers are negotiating in Albany. New York's decades-old state law requiring drivers to keep at least one hand on the wheel has kept self-driving cars off of the state's roadways. The budget measure would allow the change for autonomous car testing and demonstration.

Study: More Americans overpay at the pump when gas prices are low

(April 5, 2017) BOSTON — GasBuddy has released a new study that found that when gas prices are less expensive, there is a higher chance for consumers to overpay for gas. The phenomenon is uniquely caused during low-price cycles because during those times there is a greater variance — “spread” in industry parlance — in gas prices in any given city.

AAA says gas prices reach highest point since January

(April 4, 2017) Gas prices are on the move, reaching an average price of $2.33 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline. Today’s price is four cents more than a week ago, one cent more compared to one month ago and 27 cents more than the same date last year, according to a survey by AAA.

National gas prices have increased six of the last seven days. Although the increase in prices has been moderate, it is possible this trend could continue as refinery maintenance wraps up, more expensive summer-blend gasoline becomes available and driving demand increases this spring. 

New-car transaction prices up nearly 2 percent year-over-year

(April 3, 2017) IRVINE, Calif. — The analysts at Kelley Blue Book kbb.com today reported the estimated average transaction price (ATP) for light vehicles in the United States was $34,342 in March. New-car prices have increased by $587 (up 1.7 percent) from March 2016, while falling $133 (down 0.4 percent) from last month.  

"New-car prices are up yet again by just under 2 percent, which is a slightly lower increase than in the first two months of the year," said Tim Fleming, analyst for Kelley Blue Book.