December 2015

Replica car manufacturers, customers will benefit from new law

(December 8, 2015) WASHINGTON — It’s a new era for the kit car industry.  President Obama signed into law legislation that will permit low volume car manufacturers to produce turn-key replica vehicles for customers nationwide. 

The SEMA-supported provision is part of a larger highway construction bill.  Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) and Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) introduced the "Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015" in June, legislation that SEMA has pursued since 2011.  It received strong bi-partisan support and was inserted into the highway bill.

New study reveals teens are engaging in aggressive driving behaviors

(December 4, 2015) BOSTON — While so much rightful attention has been paid to the dangers of distracted driving in recent years, a new study released by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) reveals that teens are still neglecting the most basic rules of the road from observing speed limits and wearing seatbelts to engaging in aggressive driving behaviors, and parents are largely unaware.

Experian reports consumers continue to lease cars at record pace

(December 3, 2015) SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Experian Automotive today announced that consumers continue to lease vehicles at a record pace. According to the third quarter 2015 State of the Automotive Finance Market report, leasing accounted for nearly 27 percent of all new vehicle transactions, up from 24.7 percent the previous year.

This marks the highest percentage of vehicles leased since Experian began tracking the data publicly in 2006. Findings from the report also showed that the average monthly lease payment was $398 during the quarter, up $1 from a year ago.

National average price for gas could fall below $2 a gallon by Christmas

(December 2, 2015) WASHINGTON —  Drivers this year paid the lowest gas prices for Thanksgiving since 2008, and the national average has now fallen for 24 straight days, according to AAA. Monday's average price of $2.04 per gallon is within fractions of a penny of the multi-year low reached this January, and the national average remains poised to fall below the $2 per gallon benchmark by Christmas.

Gas prices are down three cents per gallon for the week, 14 cents over the last month and 74 cents compared to a year ago.

How the Honda Pilot offers versatility on a budget

By Sean Jackson

(December 1, 2015) The new Honda Pilot is a good departure from its boxy predecessors. Its aerodynamic design gives it a more modern appearance while enhancements, such as the second-row one-touch, give you easier access to the third row. Of course, Honda also equipped the Pilot with many luxury features such as heated front seats and an excellent array of proactive safety features to give you peace of mind.

Kelley Blue Book finds new-car transaction price continues to grow

(December 1, 2015) IRVINE, Calif. — The analysts at Kelley Blue Book today report the estimated average transaction price (ATP) for light vehicles in the United States was $33,801 in November. New-car prices have increased by $231 (up 0.7 percent) from November 2014, while climbing $144 (up 0.4 percent) from last month.

"While average transaction prices are up again in November, the rate of growth was modest at less than 1 percent, which stands in contrast to the 2 to 3 percent increases seen so far this year," said Karl Brauer, senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book.