U.S. market will be key for Audi advancement

(March 24, 2014) Audi of America is expected to play a pivotal role as AUDI AG seeks to solidify and extend its early lead in the global premium-auto sales race. And some journalists and market analysts expect the new Audi A3 sedan to launch at just the right time to be very helpful in that effort.

The U.S. market could prove decisive for Audi in the months ahead, Bloomberg Businessweek said.

“Audi at the moment is selling only 9 percent of its vehicles in the world’s largest car market, compared with one-in-five Mercedes models and 17 percent of BMW’s,” the publication said. “That’s paltry but promising – prime condition, in fact, to steal some market share. It’s as if Audi is humming along, neck-and-neck, with one gear left.”

In the United States, the magazine speculated that the A3, which is to launch in the coming weeks, could be “that extra gear.”

And globally, Automotive News pointed out that Audi plans to introduce 17 new or revamped models this year and to move forward with the production of an electric version of the Audi R8 as it seeks to build momentum over BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

We will increase deliveries in all regions of the world,” including Europe, Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, said in a speech delivered recently at headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany.