Texas tops lists of states with most Corvettes

(August 29, 2016) GMPartsCenter.net has created an infographic showing where the Chevy Corvette is most popular in the USA and around the world. By collating data about Corvette owners shopping for replacement parts, Vette popularity in the USA has been determined on both a total volume basis and a per-capita basis. Internationally, Vette ownership rankings are based on total volume.

"According to our data, the largest number of Corvettes are in Texas, Florida, California, and New York. However, on a per-capita basis, we found that Corvettes are quite popular in Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina, among others" says Matt Mylan, director of GMPartsCenter.net.

"What's perhaps most interesting about this data is that Corvettes are immensely popular in Florida — both on a total volume basis and on a per capita basis," says Mylan.

The data's methodology is simple: Using analytics from the GMPartsCenter.net website, user IP addresses were categorized by country and (in the U.S.) by state. Then, the total number of users in each state was compared both on an absolute basis and a per-capita basis. The analysis was completed by Spork Marketing, an auto parts and accessories marketing firm, and included scrubbing IP data against lists of known botnets, etc.

"Looking outside the USA, I was a bit shocked to see the number of Corvette owners in Brazil, Mexico, and Germany," explains Mylan. "We also learned that there are a sizable number of Corvettes in the Middle East — Iraq, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, among others. If you had told me that the Corvette - an American icon — would be something people would drive in the Middle East, I would have been dubious, to say the least," says Mylan.