Pothole warning sign created

(June 29, 2011) Confused.com, one of the UK’s biggest and most popular insurance price comparison services, has unveiled the first ever warning sign for potholes and has launched a petition for its use on roads nationwide in the UK.

It seems the sign might be helpful to drivers in the U.S. as well.

The new road sign has been designed by Confused.com, specifically to alert road users to the UK’s 2 million potholes. The road sign is the first of its kind and the car insurance expert is petitioning to urge the Department for Transport to introduce it to roads across the UK.

The sign has been developed in response to recent findings that even with sufficient budgets, it would take governments at least 11 years to repair the UK’s damaged roads. With this in mind, 82 percent of drivers would like to see a road sign dedicated to potholes.

Mike Hoban, Chief Marketing Officer at Confused.com says, “Although repairing these roads is obviously the long term solution, something needs to be done now. Currently the UK’s road signs include warnings for wild horses, wild animals, cattle and even toads, but potholes aren’t considered worthy enough? A pothole road sign is a vital step in preventing accidents and reducing insurance claims whilst road maintenance continues.”

The road sign design was inspired by local pothole crusader Ted Relf, a plumber from Kent, who made national headlines in April 2010 when his homemade warning sign against potholes was removed by the local council.

“We all moan about potholes and now we have the chance to do something about them," Relf said. "I created my own pothole sign last year because I was concerned for the safety of drivers on my road. I fully support the introduction of an official pothole road sign and urge the nation to sign the petition at Confused.com.“