New flow chart helps truck owners decide if they should help friend move

(November 11, 2017) A new decision tree helps pickup truck owners decide whether or not to help a friend move. Created by Throttle Down Kustoms, the decision tree is a flowchart that answers the question "Should you help your friend move?"

Truck owners are frequently asked for help with moving. A highly informal survey of Throttle Down Kustoms employees found that 100% of truck owners have been asked "Can you help me move?" at one point or another. This question can be difficult to answer, depending on who is making the request.

“Truck owners are helpful and practical, so when someone asks you to help them move, it's hard to say no,” says Jeremy Pulse, owner of Throttle Down Kustoms. “However, when you drive a big bad pickup, you’re asked for moving assistance a lot. We thought a decision tree might be fun.”

The flow chart helps truck owners make a decision based on questions like these:

    Does your truck have a bed liner?
    Are you the only friend helping?
    Is the furniture heavy?
    Will you be paid in pizza and beer, or cold hard cash?
    Are there more garbage bags than moving boxes?
    Are there stairs?

 “Obviously, we're trying to have some fun here,” Pulse says. “I talked to our team of fabricators about some of the crazier moves they've helped with, and then our marketing team did the rest. Hopefully, our new decision tree will help truck owners find a way to say no the next time they're asked for help with a move.”