National average gas price drops for 10 consecutive days

(November 15, 2016) Pump prices have fallen for 10 consecutive days, reaching today’s national average price of $2.17 per gallon, according to statistics compiled by AAA.  Drivers are benefitting from the price of retail gasoline with today’s average five cents less per gallon than one week ago and eight cents less than one month ago.

The abundance of crude oil in the global market is contributing to lower prices, and as a result, retail averages are the same price as compared to one year ago.

Historically, gasoline demand tends to decline during November, and with the autumn refinery maintenance season nearing completion, pump prices are expected to move lower to close out the year, barring any unanticipated outages or supply disruptions.

Quick Stats

    • Average gas prices are below $2 per gallon in nine states today including Missouri ($1.88), Oklahoma ($1.88), Arkansas ($1.94), Kansas ($1.94), Indiana ($1.96), Texas ($1.97), Ohio ($1.98), Minnesota ($1.99) and Mississippi ($1.99).

    • The biggest weekly price decreases are reflected in Indiana (-14 cents), Ohio (-12 cents), Michigan (-11 cents), Kentucky (-8 cents), Illinois (-8 cents), Nebraska (-7 cents), Oklahoma (-7 cents), Minnesota (-6 cents), Wisconsin (-6 cents) and Georgia (-6 cents).