Luxury Car Rental Club ranks top 10 launches from Geneva

(March 19, 2015) GENEVA — The rental of luxury cars is playing a consistently bigger role in the rental car industry each year and it only seems fitting that one of those companies, the Luxury Car Rental Club, had a keen interest in the Geneva Auto Show because of its wide range of exotic car displays and introductions.

The Luxury Car Rental Club (LCRC) specializes in the rental of new and limited edition luxury cars, exotic cars, SUVs, sports cars and convertibles. LCRC says, "No matter where you go. No matter the climate. LCRC will provide you the best car for your needs with the best service."

So it is informative to discover just how the company's rental experts, Jo Berks and Nick Cowell, rate the high-priced introductions at the Geneva Show, which just concluded this past weekend.

“It was amazing to see what some of the world’s the top brands in the motor industry have engineered this year,” Cowell said.

Below is their ranking of top 10 launches: