Edmunds announces cars, trucks with lowest insurance costs

(November 21, 2010) Car insurance can make up 25 percent of a household's automotive expenses, according to Edmunds.com. Accordingly, it makes sense to take the cost of insurance into account when shopping for a new vehicle.

Warren Clarke, Edmunds.com's Automotive Content Editor, advises "Certain models are less expensive to insure than others. Make informed choices to ensure that your car insurance costs fit your budget."

Chevrolet Colorado least
expensive to insure

With that in mind, Edmunds.com offers the following list of the three vehicles in each vehicle segment with the lowest insurance costs:

Top 3 Trucks

   1. Chevrolet Colorado
   2. GMC Canyon
   3. Ford Ranger

Top 3 Coupes

   1. Kia Forte
   2. Honda Civic
   3. Chevrolet Cobalt

Top 3 Sedans

   1. Volkswagen Jetta
   2. Chevrolet Aveo
   3. Suzuki SX4

Top 3 Hatchbacks/Wagons

   1. Smart Fortwo
   2. Chevrolet HHR
   3. Nissan Cube

Top 3 SUVs/Crossovers

   1. Hyundai Tucson
   2. Jeep Patriot
   3. Kia Sportage

Rankings are based on five-year projections for all models in each class generated by the Edmunds.com data team as a part of their development of Edmunds.com's True Cost to Own values. Each model's costs were determined based on the trim level that is the least expensive to insure.

A good time to shop your current auto insurance policy against others is when you are considering a new car. For tips on purchasing auto insurance see "10 Steps to Buying Auto Insurance."