Despite high demand for gas, pump prices hold steady for week

(November 5, 2019) Gasoline demand numbers look more like summer than fall in the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) latest reports. However, despite the high demand rate and a draw in U.S stocks, the national average held steady on the week at $2.60, according to AAA.

“Gas prices continue to fluctuate across the country, though on the week the majority of states saw prices only increase or decrease by one or two cents,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson.

“The largest volatility at the pump continues to be seen in the West Coast & Rockies states along with a handful of states in the Great Lakes and Central region.”

Today’s average is six cents cheaper than last month and 16-cents cheaper than last year at this time.

Quick Stats

    The nation’s top 10 largest weekly changes are: Michigan (-9 cents), Ohio (+8 cents), Idaho (+7 cents), Illinois (-5 cents), Utah (+5 cents), Indiana (+5 cents), Florida (+4 cents), Kentucky (+4 cents), Georgia (+4 cents) and Delaware (+4 cents).

    The nation’s top 10 least expensive markets are: Louisiana ($2.22), Mississippi ($2.22), Texas ($2.24), South Carolina ($2.26), Missouri ($2.27), Alabama ($2.27), Virginia ($2.29), Arkansas ($2.30), Oklahoma ($2.30) and Tennessee ($2.30).