Car buying habits of Super Bowl cities: Ford F-150, Subaru

(February 1, 2014) CHICAGO — conducted a study to evaluate the car buying preferences of the cities home to the teams playing in this weekend's Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. The study reviewed the new car purchasing preferences of more than 300,000 car buyers over the past year in Seattle and Denver, as well as an analysis of most searched models by the shoppers in both cities at in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Some of the key findings of the study include:

Sales ranking highlights (based on 2013 sales):

    • The most popular selling vehicle in America, the Ford F-150 is also the top selling model in both Seattle and Denver

    • Subaru was the most p
opular brand in the list of top 10 cars in Denver, and also held the number two and three spots in Seattle's top 10

    • Denver car shoppers split their loyalties between domestic and import brands, while Seattle shoppers prefer import brands, with eight of the top 10 purchases coming from outside of the Detroit Three

    • Denver shoppers prefer the utility of SUVs/trucks with eight of the top 10 sales leaders in those categories, while in Seattle the top ten is split evenly between truck/SUVs and cars

    • Denver and Seattle have relatively younger car buyers. The industry average age of car buyers is 52 and Denver is the younger of the two cities at 50 and Seattle at 51

    • The model most often bought by women in Seattle was the Honda CR-V, while men there preferred the Ford F-150. Denver shoppers must think alike: The Mile High City shoppers mirrored Seattle in gender rankings search data ranking highlights (based on the numbers of visitors that searched dealer inventory in the fourth quarter of 2013:

    • Jeep Grand Cherokee was the top searched vehicle in both cities

    • Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class was the only luxury model to rank in the top 10 in each city

    • Of the top 10 most searched models, eight were SUVs/trucks in Denver and six in Seattle

"Even though they are more than one thousand miles apart, Seattle and Denver are similar in their demographic composition, which is reflected directly in how close the car buying preferences are in each city," said Jesse Toprak, Chief Analyst at "Adverse climate is also clearly influencing buyer preferences, with SUVs and trucks dominating the rankings.

Top Purchased Vehicles
Rank Denver Seattle Nationwide
1 Ford F-150 Ford F-150 Ford F-150
2 Subaru Outback Subaru Forester Chevrolet Silverado
3 Honda CR-V Subaru Outback Toyota Camry
4 Subaru Forester Honda CR-V Honda Accord
5 Jeep Grand Cherokee Honda Civic Honda Civic
6 Jeep Wrangler Toyota Camry Nissan Altima
7 Chevrolet Silverado Honda Accord Honda CR-V
8 Ram 1500 Toyota RAV4 Toyota Corolla
9 Subaru Impreza Chevrolet Silverado Ford Escape
10 Toyota RAV4 Toyota Prius Ford Fusion
Top Searched Models at (Q4 2013)
Rank Denver Seattle
1 Jeep Grand Cherokee Jeep Grand Cherokee
2 Ford F-150 Ford F-150
3 Toyota 4Runner Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class
4 Toyota Tundra Ford Mustang
5 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Chevrolet Camaro
6 Jeep Cherokee Honda Accord
7 Toyota Tacoma Subaru Forester
8 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Toyota Tacoma
9 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Jeep Cherokee
10 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Toyota Tacoma