2011 Nissan Quest

Nissan has re-entered the minivan segment this year with an all-new Quest. The last Quest left in 2009, victim of slow sales that Nissan blamed partly on its quirky design.

But we think the 2011 Quest is a bit quirky, itself, and may be just as polarizing as the outgoing model. We have no problem with the front of the new minivan, which carries the new Nissan grille look.

But we will have to let the rising beltline that travels up into the rear wrap-around glass grow on us.

The minivan is a good piece of work otherwise, easy to drive with power to spare from its healthy V-6 engine and with a user-friendly interior. Sales of the new Quest have been slow so we will have to see if the new minivan with its new design eventually resonates with the car-buying public. 

MotorwayAmerica photos by Jim Meachen