Jim Prueter

Eye-catching Nissan Sentra grows up

By Jim Prueter

(March 4, 2016) To say the compact Sentra is an important vehicle for Nissan would be a huge understatement. Last year, Nissan sold more than 200,000 Sentras — that’s double sales in just three years. Sentra is Nissan’s third-best-selling vehicle, behind the Altima and Rogue.

Now in its seventh generation, Sentra has been in the U.S. market for 34 years, with more than four million units sold. Nissan says 93 percent of all Sentras are still on the road.

We pick the 10 most undervalued classic cars

By Jim Prueter

(October 4, 2015) January in Scottsdale, Ariz., is the place to be for the vintage, classic and collector car spectacle known as Scottsdale Collector Car Auction Week. Buyers, sellers and spectators flock from around the world to attend the half-dozen events that this year broke multiple records and over $228 million in sales.

If you like lists, here's a good one — 10 best car songs of all time

By Jim Prueter

(August 24, 2015
) Ever since the Galvin brothers installed the first commercially successful car radio into a Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe back in 1930, Americans have been inexorably wedded to the notion of having music in their car while hitting the open road. For some, it’s the soothing background music of a Brahms concerto. For others it’s the full-on rush of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” as sung in a memorable driving scene in the 1992 film Wayne’s World.