Here's the Thing

A gut feeling

By Ted Biederman
MotorwayAmerica Editor

(August 2009) I read comment after comment regarding the auto industry and GM specifically.

On the mass media online sites I see lots of anger, people who don’t understand the big picture, and a lot of vulgarity from folks who seem to like to bastardize the English language. There are some insightful people on the web such as those commenting about the “re-invented” GM TV spot, at Ad Age. But they too, for the most part, tend to look at things with a jaundice eye.

Customer service got us where we are today

By Al Vinikour

(July 2009) With news that thousands of auto dealers will be closing their doors it reminds me of the sage words when industrial jobs started being shipped overseas: “Some day the United States will be one big service industry.” With America’s shabby record of customer service I grieve for our future.