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'Pay as you drive' car insurance catching on

(February 10, 2011) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — The rise of telematics technology in vehicles has led many auto insurance companies to create pay-as-you-drive policies that are based on the actual miles driven by the insured. explores how these policies work together with their pros and cons in its recently published article "Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Goes Into High Gear."

Top 10 turn-on cars for Valentine's Day

(February 9, 2011) IRVINE, Calif. (PRNewswire) — The editors from Kelley Blue Book, have named the Top 10 Turn-On Cars for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day may come but once a year, but the editors of Kelley Blue Book's seem to fall in love many times all year long at auto shows and new-vehicle press launch events across the country and around the world, where automakers reveal their newest models.

Super Bowl ad leads to surge in traffic for Chrysler 200 on kbb

(February 8, 2011) IRVINE, Calif. (PRNewswire) — Kelley Blue Book,, today reported a huge surge in new-car Web traffic for the all-new Chrysler 200 during Sunday's Super Bowl XLV matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

In addition, saw a significant lift in new-car traffic for the Volkswagen New Beetle, Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Passat following the airing of their respective new-vehicle ads on Sunday.

Ad delivers huge post-Super Bowl traffic hike for Chrysler on

(February 8, 2011) SANTA MONICA, Calif. —, reports that site traffic for Chrysler, Volkswagen and Chevrolet saw the most significant spikes after their ads ran during Super Bowl XLV. The traffic spikes represent important returns on investment for companies that reportedly spent as much as $3 million on a 30-second ad spot during the big game.

NADA economist — 2011 sales will hit 12.9 million, a 12 percent increase

(February 7, 2011) SAN FRANCISCO — Paul Taylor, chief economist of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), said Sunday that new-vehicle sales will reach 12.9 million units in 2011 as consumers benefit from higher trade-in equity and improving credit.

Last year, 11.55 million light vehicles were sold. A market of 12.9 million new vehicle sales this year would be a nearly 12 percent increase over 2010.

Demand for used cars and trucks will increase, analyst predicts

(February 7, 2011) SAN FRANCISCO — Rising consumer confidence, an aging fleet and greater access to credit are key factors that will increase consumer demand for used cars and trucks in 2011, said Jonathan Banks, executive automotive analyst for NADA Used Car Guide.

“The used-car market is providing clear signs that the auto industry has entered a new phase,” Banks said today at the NADA Convention and Expo in San Francisco, which runs through Monday at the Moscone Center.

NADA chairman says EPA's proposed 62 mpg standard threatens auto recovery

(February 6, 2011) SAN FRANCISCO — With auto sales expected to reach nearly 13 million units in 2011, the outgoing chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) warned Saturday that proposals like the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to raise the fleet-average fuel economy standard to as much as 62 mpg by 2025 threaten to “throw a roadblock in front of this recovery.”

Chrysler responds to Nader's Jeep Grand Cherokee rear crash charges

By Mike Driehorst
Chrysler Communiations

(February 4, 2011) Again, "consumer advocate" Ralph Nader and his Center for Auto Safety are using common scare tactics to make a big consumer safety issue — when there is no issue.

Thousands of Ford images go on sale

(February 4, 2011) DEARBORN, Mich. — Thousands of images dating to the earliest days of Ford Motor Company are being hauled out of the Ford archives and licensed for sale for the first time. features more than 5,000 images for sale including commemorative and limited-edition prints, vintage signs and advertisements. The site launched in January.

December 2010 used car prices up 8.2 percent over December 2009

(February 3, 2010) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — An estimated 18.6 percent of used cars sold by franchise dealers in 2010 were certified, up slightly from the 17.8 percent reported in 2009, according to sales figures released today by

Overall, December's used car prices in the U.S. were up 8.2 percent over December 2009, even as values decreased slightly compared to November 2010.