Abandoned Car of the Week

Chevrolets in the snow

Two 1958 Chevrolet sedans sit in the snow in a Cortez, Col., salvage yard. Photographer Peter Hubbard waded through the snow to get pictures of abandoned and decaying cars at the Colorado site. The 1958 Chevrolet styling exchanged the 1957 bumper and grille combination for a somewhat more conventional assembly. The new cars also got quad headlights. 1958 was the 50th anniversary of the brand.
(Photo by Peter Hubbard)

Abandoned Z-Car

The Datsun (later Nissan) Z-Car
captured the hearts and pocketbooks of customers in the 1970s who desired a great-looking sports car on a budget. It was just the ticket. This mid-70s Z-Car — either a 260Z or a 280Z — probably delighted several owners over the years, but now lives in abandoned retirement in some woods in eastern Tennessee. (Photo by Jerry Brown)

Dodge truck on Route 66

Dodge started building trucks in 1914, and 20 years later the Dodge branch of Chrysler Motor Company was one of the nation's top truck builders. This mid-1930s truck was found displayed on old Route 66 in Paris Springs Junction, Mo.
(Photo by Jim Meachen)

Watching traffic in retirement

This post-WWII Chevrolet pickup from the late 1940s watches traffic by the side of a South Carolina road in an abandoned state of disrepair. Chevrolet began manufacturing its so-called "Advance Design" pickup truck in 1947.
(Photo by Ralph Gable)

Army surplus

This large diesel Army truck, which we think is from the decade of the '60s, was found resting in the back of a salvage yard. Its useful life is probably over, but if needed we wouldn't be surprised to see it resurrected and put back into active duty.
(Photo by Jim Meachen)

Snow on the sheetmetal

A 1958 or '59 Ford Thunderbird sits front and center in this snow-covered salvage yard in Cortez, Col., perhaps enjoying a white Christmas. A 1958 Chevrolet and a couple of Chrysler products are directly behind.
(Photo by Peter Hubbard)

An Arizona Catalina

A reworked full-sized Pontiac Catalina came to market in 1959 and was completely redesigned in 1961 kicking off the second-generation, which was built through 1964. This 1963 model was recently found in Arizona. The '63 model was refreshed with cleaner, squared-off body lines and vertical headlights flanking a split grille. V-8 engine offerings came with 338, 353 and 370 horsepower.
(Photo by Jim Prueter)

The Corvette in the late '70s

Government-mandated 5 mph crash bumpers were added to the Chevrolet Corvette in the mid-70s. This circa 1975-79 Vette, in need of a new windshield and a thorough restoration, sports those front bumpers. The Corvette was found off U.S. 301 in eastern North Carolina. The 1979 Corvette topped 50,000 units sold for the first time in its history.
(Photo by Jim Meachen)

The remains of a Ford

Ford sold nearly 5 million Model A's during the five years of its production run from 1927 through 1931. We think this is one of those millions discovered near Cisco, Texas. This shell of a car is hard to identify, but it has all the characteristics of the Ford.
(Photo by Peter Hubbard)

The remains of a Chevy van

This dissected 1951 Chevy panel van was found in a North Carolina salvage yard. As part of Chevrolet's light-commercial fleet, Chevy produced a car-based sedan delivery with its new iteration beginning in 1950.  It was a derivative of the steel-bodied station wagon, but with only two doors and no side windows. When the van was first introduced it was an immediate hit with orders topping 23,000 in 1950.
(Photo by John Harper)