2019 Ram 1500 eTorque

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Ram has developed a unique hybrid system for its lineup of 2019 Ram 1500 V-6 and Hemi V-8 pickups designed as a seamless way to improve gas mileage while at the same time add significant torque to both engines. It has rather appropriately been dubbed eTorque. The eTorque 48-volt mild-hybrid system will be standard equipment on all V-6 models and comes as a $1,450 option on the V-8 models.

Ram 1500 Rebel — A desirable pickup

By David Finkelstein

I was thrilled when I got a call from my friends at Ram Truck indicating “I should expect delivery soon of a 2018 Ram Rebel 1500 Truck for evaluation.” Then, I got to thinking, I'm not familiar with the Rebel trim level. Once I hung up the phone, I began some research and quickly came to the conclusion that this truck sounds totally amazing.

2019 Ram 1500

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Pickup trucks are more popular than ever and the market for them is about to get even hotter and more competitive for the 2019 model year. Ford raised the stakes this year with a refresh of the industry’s top-selling F-150. Chevrolet has already previewed an all-new Silverado, and GMC has an all-new Sierra. Further, Ram has just introduced its totally redesigned 15th generation Ram 1500.

2018 Ram Rebel

INDIANAPOLIS — There are 11 Ram 1500 models, ranging from the work-ready Tradesman through the Big Horn, Lone Star, Sport, Night, Laramie, and Limited Tungsten editions.  Each has a unique character that appeals subsets of the broad spectrum of full-size truck drivers.  Towards the top is the Ram Rebel, which is perhaps the most expressive of an expressive family. Rebel is big and bold with hints of Power Wagon and Lil' Red Truck. 

Ram ProMaster City — Durable and functional

By David Finkelstein

Personally, I think a number of my friends and associates are beginning to think odd thoughts of me for being completely "blown away" over the 2015 Ram ProMaster City Van. But quite honestly, this fairly small commercial type front-wheel-drive business  vehicle  is amazing on many fronts.

2015 Ram ProMaster City

AUSTIN, Texas — We started the morning on the streets of Austin, then moved onto the highways that ring the Texas capital city, and from there to a handling "test" track set up at Troublemaker Studios, a film production company. It gave us a good feel for the new 2015 Ram ProMaster City work van and how it could comfortably fit into the daily chores of such businesses as a floral delivery company or a plumbing repair shop.

Ram ProMaster 1500 — A new way to haul cargo

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

When the question arose as to what we were
driving we were ready with a rather devious answer — it's bright red and has two seats. We knew visions of sports cars were instantly dancing in their heads.

The mood changed rather abruptly when it was time to admit that our bright red two-seat vehicle was a 2014 Ram ProMaster cargo van. While the new-for-North America full-sized van based on a Fiat platform may be one of the worst date-night vehicles on the planet, we found it very proficient — carrying large amounts of cargo in a fuel-efficient manner.

Ram 1500 — Taking the pickup to a new level

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Ram has taken a big step in advancing its half-ton pickup with an all-new 2013 edition that sets the bar for comfort and refinement while elevating performance, gas mileage and technology.

The new truck, which enters showrooms late this year with a full lineup of sizes and trim levels, gets the award-winning Pentastar 3.6-liter engine as standard equipment mated to a segment-first eight-speed automatic transmission. For those pickup buyers desiring more performance and more towing capability, the brawny 5.7-liter V-8 Hemi is back with more muscle at 395 horsepower, greater fuel efficiency and the new eight-speed automatic, a huge improvement from the standard four-speed found on the previous Ram.

2013 Ram 1500

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It seems like the entire world is on the edge of a war of some kind but most people ignore it because it’s “over there” and not in our country. Well, truth be told, although no weapons are involved, Ram just fired a powerful salvo that is going to make 2013 pickup truck sales a war like John Rambo would say, “You wouldn’t believe!”