2016 Honda Civic

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — Honda was accused of cutting corners with its all-new ninth-generation Civic for model year 2012. It seemed the Japanese car company was content to live on its reputation of building solid, affordable and reliable entry-level transportation. We had no qualms with the '12 Civic, admitting that it wasn't the leap forward we had expected. That's not a problem this time around. There's no question Honda has raised the bar with the 10th generation Civic.

Honda Pilot — Benchmark for family crossovers

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

The fact that the 2016 Honda Pilot shares its platform with the award-winning Acura MDX crossover may be all you need to know about the first all-new Pilot in seven years, but diving deep into the new mid-sized crossover's attributes — from technology to safety to comfort — reveals a family-friendly vehicle that will put it back in the conversation when discussing which is the best full-sized family crossover in North America.

Honda Pilot — Loaded with new features

By David Finkelstein

The all-new 2016 Honda Pilot Sport Utility Vehicle offers a host of new technologies and features, the flagship in Honda's expanded lineup of SUV's and the third generation of the popular three-row mid-sized people mover.

Honda HR-V — Family friendly

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

We've always preferred smaller vehicles because we like the maneuverability and tossable fun-to-drive nature of them, so we take some measure of pleasure in the exploding small crossover segment and there are some dandy models out there whether it be in the luxury or mainstream ranks. This summer Honda joins the growing list of sub-compact crossovers with its HR-V, which rides on the same platform as the sub-compact Fit hatchback.

Honda HR-V — Styling of a coupe, space of a utility

By David Finkelstein

A  recent opportunity to drive the all new 2016 Honda HR-V  Crossover telegraphed a resounding takeaway message that there is  finally a vehicle to  compete head-on with the Nissan Juke. The  five passenger, imported,  HR-V  blends the styling of  a coupe, the  toughness, space and utility of an  SUV and overall refinement one would seek in a versatile multi-dimensional  vehicle.

2016 Honda Pilot

CINCINNATI, Ohio — What exactly makes an outstanding family crossover? What traits must it possess in our ever-evolving world in the areas of safety, information, and drivetrain? We pondered this question the other day and came up with a short answer — the 2016 Honda Pilot.
The Pilot is vitally important to Honda, pointed out by the work put into developing an all-new third-generation vehicle that will put the Pilot back in the conversation when discussing which is the best full-sized family crossover on the North American market.

Honda CR-V — Award-winning upgrades

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

We were astounded when we heard that the 2015 Honda CR-V had won Motor Trend's prestigious Sport Utility of the Year award because this was anything but an off-year for new crossovers and SUVs. A large group of vehicles, all-new for '15, provided fierce competition. We don't think it was unreasonable in expressing surprise that a vehicle undergoing a mid-cycle refresh copped the honor.

2015 Honda CR-V

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Did you know that the Honda CR-V is the world’s most popular SUV? It’s also the top seller in Honda’s lineup of vehicles worldwide. It’s easy to understand why the CR-V is the most popular SUV in this country where SUVs reign, but many people in the rest of the world like “cars” far more than SUVs or trucks. Perhaps Honda’s success is attributed to the CR-V being just the right size — not too big or too small — and it behaves more like a car than a rugged sport utility or conventional truck.

Honda Pilot — Family friendly crossover

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Honda elected to retain its current mid-sized Pilot crossover for another model year, its seventh, which is somewhat perplexing in an industry that generally operates in five-year cycles — or less — in order to keep abreast with the ever-changing competition. It's even more baffling when you factor in Honda's decision years ago to endow the current-generation Pilot with boxy Jeep-like styling at a time when the crossover trend was skewing toward more rounded, sculpted lines.

Honda Fit — A good fit for the masses

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

If we were forced to recommend one — just one — small, family four-door hatchback as the transportation choice of frugal, budget-conscience Americans it would have to be the Honda Fit. It would be a tough choice, indeed, because there are many vehicles in today's market that effectively meet the needs of the masses.